Some of the Frequently Asked Questions About.

Here are some frequently asked questions which has been asked frequently on our website, I hope it will help you to understand better.

What are generic drugs?

A generic drug is a drug manufactured to be the same as brand-name drugs having same strength, quality, performance characteristics, dosage form and route of administration.

Are these drugs safe?

All these drugs safe, but it is advised to consume them after doctor’s advice. Check the drugs should be FDA approved and not restricted in your nation. Always buy quality drugs from reliable online stores.

Are generic drugs less effective?

This is just a myth. Generic medicines are as effective as brand-name drugs. Drug companies just need to provide that their generic drugs can be used a substitute for brand-name drugs and provide the same benefits.

How to buy a medicine with the prescription?

Send the scan copy of your prescription to our email ( and the drug online.

How can I make the payment?

It is easy to make the payment. You can make it via PayPal and other different international online payment gateways such as Credit and Debit cards.

Do you also provide doctor’s advice through your website?

No we don’t provide any doctor’s advice through our website. You have to take advice from your doctor to know the dosage details.

Lots of countries like USA, Canada, are producing generic medicines. But you can also buy them in India and European nations.

The expected delivery time for delivery of medicine is approximately 12 to 18 days. Also, consider the typical situations, changed flight timing, custom protocols and large number of packages or technical issues in these situations delivery time may take up to 30 days maximum.

You can easily track your order with the tracking number given by the logistic service provider company. In case if you don’t have tracking number then call customer care of the logistic company to track your order.

You can cancel the order if the product is not delivered to you but if the product is delivered to you then there will be no cancellation allowed and in that case we’ll not give any refund.


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